Hello again – is it Christmas already?

I know it’s been an age since I posted on my blog. I have broken so many blogging rules that if the blog police came and took this blog away I would give it up without a fight. So now I’ve decided to clean up my act and blog at least once a week before now and Christmas! So I thought it would be fitting to start with Christmas cards and wrap.  I design cards myself and see so many around that I love. Here are just some of my favourites.


I have Sisters. Say no more. Do you punctuate?


…and a dinosaur mad 4 year old. Card by Charlotte Filshe


gift wrap and gift cards by Riddell Doodles – designed using Stabilo pens


this one is almost too cute. Available as single cards or packs with different penguin designs Threaded by Pooja 


Christmas sausage by Innabox 


Jemma Banks Design 


Elvira van Vredenburgh

I could go on but I have to leave the house! Here’s a list of some of the best places to buy Christmas cards and wrapping paper this season

Ethical Market

You will find all of these designers (except for Do you Punctuate?) at the Urban Makers East Christmas Market December 10th and 11th from 11 – 5. There will be over 100 designer makers selling their wares over the weekend – including me. Please come along if  you can






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