Super Chunky Knits by Ohhio

I know we’re going into Spring in the UK but I couldn’t resist posting about these super-sized chunky knits from Ohhio on Etsy. Made in the Ukraine they are all made of extra soft 100% merino wool.


Large blanket. Available in a range of sizes and colours from £546


Medium blanket from £124

Super oversize sweater from £242 (Barbie or human?)


Large blanket – available in a range of colours and sizes from £233


Large blanket. Extra soft and extra warm 100% merino wool. From £230

Here’s the Ohhio story
I use Italian words Grande Punto which means big stitch. It’s very emotional design.
I adore this wool because it comes from Australian merino sheep and it’s the most thick, warm and light wool I’ve ever seen! One stitch is 3 inches!!! It’s absolutely incredible.  I’ve never seen something similar in retail store.  These blankets brings such great emotions when I work on them.
I feel warm when I hold it. Feels like blanket permanently radiates heat in all directions 🙂
It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you see, touch, feel this wool.





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