The Poundshop Mobile

I love this. A Pound Shop but not as we know it. Created by the Designer Sitraka and art project The Poundshop, the Poundshop Mobile is  a platform for designers to sell designer goods under the strict brief that the product is to be sold within the affordable price bands £1, £5 and £10. I’m not sure if it’s still touring  – If anyone sees it around London please let me know.




About Sitraka: I have specialised in designing objects, artefacts and devices as a form of storytelling to question and excite. I use science as fuel to imagine new relationships between people and technology, whether it allows us to achieve something fantastic or perceive reality through a different prism.  You can view the designers tumblr blog here and read more about her on her website. 

About The Pounshop: The Poundshop is run by George Wu and Sara Melin. Founded in April 2010 together with Sarah Gottlieb, the idea was born during a discussion about love for design shops. Not having the capital to set one up ourselves, a friend jokily suggested we should set up a poundshop. What started as a joke, turned into a real exhibition as we set ourselves the challenge to create the first design poundshop. Their latest Poundshop is in the department store Au Pont Rouge in St Petersburg,Russia.





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