Live like Don Draper with Ikea

I don’t normally post about multi-national retailers but I feel in this case I need to make an exception. Ikea has reissued a range of furniture from the 50s and 60s. The ÅRGÅNG collection is made up of  more than 20 ‘greatest hits’ pieces from their 70 year design history. The pieces are all limited edition and not all are available in the UK as yet.


I especially love the standing lamps and the rattan Gagnet chair.


GÅRDSSKÄR pendant £59 


The Lovet side table as it was in 1956.


The Lovet is now called  LÖVBACKEN and sells for £40


The Strandmon wing chair is available in a range of fabrics and sells for £195



The EKENÄSET arm chair sells for £150. Also comes in a 3 seater sofa


The LILLBRON Table was once called Las Vegas. Not yet available in the UK 



The KLÄPPA looks a bit clunkier than the original. Also, not yet available in the UK. 


View the full ÅRGÅNG collection here 




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