Story Hotel Stockholm

Last weekend was the first child free weekend my husband and I have had in what feels like 10 years (it’s only been 4!) We went to a picture postcard wedding in By Kyrkby, and for our final night we stayed at the Story Hotel in Stockholm. Located in the Östermalm area it’s in a great location surrounded by cool shops, bars and restaurants. The design is quirky (the bed heads are made from vintage doors – with letterboxes still attached) and there’s a cool bar downstairs.

Story Hotel

The rooms have 100% organic cotton linens, rain drop showers and super comfortable  beds. The substantial breakfast buffet is included in room price. They cut costs by asking guests to book on and check themselves in when they get there.

art work

Art work is glued directly on the walls and can be purchased from their eGallery or from

The only complaint I have is that there is no air-conditioning. And it was HOT. A friend of ours who was there at the same time slept with his fridge open and a cold bottle of water by his feet. Ingenious! They really need to invest in some fans.

We only had a few hours in the evening to explore. After a lovely Asian meal at East we walked to the Old town. This is definitely a place I’d love to go back to. Made up of narrow streets and charming squares, it’s a great place to get lost in.

We came across this teeny tiny sculpture in one of the alleyways – sat under his own ray of light.

We flew to Stockholm with Norwegian Air. I’m looking forward to going back.



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