Mugs away

Now that our kitchen extension is nearly complete – it should be finished by Saturday – we have now started thinking about furnishings – chairs and stools mainly – that’s another post. But for today I’m thinking mugs. I know this is such a tiny component of a new kitchen but it’s not a decision to be taken lightly when, like ours, they’ll be on display on open shelves. My minimalist husband is likely to hate most of these and as he doesn’t even know I’m considering replacing out Pantone mugs – he may not like this surprise – but here goes. Below are some of my favourites.


Rigby & Mac Mugs – £7.50 each


Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha (pardon?) mug £16 from John Lewis 


Now these my husband might just be able to accept Trace Mugs from Skandium £12

Here’s what they say We wanted to create the ‘ideal’ mug, including size, thinness of body, comfort of handle and over all lightness.


Mugs by Rocket St George £8.50


Porcelain cups by London designer  Jo Davies – Medium £15 These porcelain cups are designed to ‘fit the fingers’, the exaggerated wheel-throwing lines form ridges that spiral around the cup and are comfortable to the hand.

I’ll let you know which my husband allows into the house









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