Francesca Gattello Ceramics

I love this range of environmentally friendly ceramics. Designed by Francesca Gattello  in collaboration the Tuscan ceramic company, Rosso Ramina, the range is made from the waste product of industrial marble, which is used to make household products.


The collection called is called Calcarea – the name comes from marbles chemical element – calcium.


Calcarea objects have two different surfaces: a transparent finished one and a rough one, which shows the core mixed material, its nature, its visual and tactile qualities. Each item is a unique piece because the waste that has been used has a heterogeneous composition: for this reason the material colour surprisingly changes, giving a warm shade, sometimes with whitish brush strokes.


The Calcarea collection is currently a prototype, but Gattello hopes to start producing the items in larger quantities for sale.

Calcarea has been developed thanks to Artex,in collaboration with Rossoramina and Attucci Marmi.

RossoRamina is an Italian Ceramic Factory which works to turn beautiful objects into useful tools. Their products include artistic collections for table dressing, furnishing and lighting. The dream is to give to the every day products a functional value together with a poetic touch.


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