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I need one of these. I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit obsessed with chairs. I even have a coffee table book called ‘The Chair’, which is full of modern classics. There are many chairs I want. I want an Eames Lounge chair for my living room and a Butterfly Chair for the bedroom – but the Back App is a need chair. This chair (or is it a stool?) is great for people who have back pain. My mild back pain is mainly associated with slumping at my desk. I’m not even aware that I’m doing it but by the end of the day when I stand up, I’m usually groaning like and arthritic old lady.  In order to understand this chair you need to watch the video.

It uses a patented balancing ball design that keeps sitters in a comfortable constant motion. The seat gently balances on an adjustable ball, with users resting their feet on a footplate. It has a soft suspension and a soft seat which makes it gentle for your pelvic area and lower back, and gives you a gentle movement around the vertical axis.


Here’s what they say

When you sit on Back App the posture in your back is as if you are standing

The effects of upright sitting on Back App has been documented in scientific published studies1. Their conclusions are that Back App:

  • Helps people sit more upright – posture is the same as when you stand
  • Reduces the effort of sitting upright
  • Increases the amount of movement used in sitting – encouraging exercise
  • Encourages the body to maintain balance in a smooth, controlled manner


You can even try Back App for Free

More and more people test office chairs before buying. We will give people the chance to test the Back App office chair to show that it fulfils its promise to the user. You can test the Back App office chair for one week free of charge. Most people that take advantage of this offer end up buying a Back App.

This post is in collaboration with Back App


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