Lozi Furniture

I love this furniture and would fill my house with it if I could. (hmmm who says I can’t?)  I love the curved edges and layered Ply.  I received an invite today to the preview on Saturday December 7 in their pop-up store near Charlotte street, but unfortunately I can’t go. If you would like to attend go to their Facebook page for more details.


Lozi is a hand-crafted, modern furniture company based in London, with a focus on organic, simple and elegant pieces for the home. Lozi was founded in 2012 by Soroush Pourhashemi, a graduate of Brunel University with an MSc in Advanced Engineering Design. Soroush’s passion for innovation and simplicity underpins the brand ethos of Lozi, and instructs all of the pieces that he creates as chief designer for the collection. 


Soroush and Lozi are dedicated to bringing their unique style and philosophy to the homes of like – minded and passionate individuals, who care about both style and substance.


Every item is hand crafted in their central London workshop, combining modern technologies with traditional woodworking methods to produce pieces with a distinct personality and character that no factory-made piece can deliver.


Layered Ply doesn’t get better than this.


The Lozi preview is on  Saturday December 7 31-32, Alfred Place, London WC1E 7EB  16:00 until 20:00 


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