Christmas Gift ideas on Folksy

I’ve recently opened a Folksy shop. I’ve been pondering it for about a year but decided that since it’s Christmas I’d give it a whirl. Folksy is like Etsy, but based in Sheffield. The majority of shops are based in the UK. So if you like Etsy but don’t want to pay the international postage give Folksy a go.  Here are some of my favourite finds.


Knitted Lambswool baby blanket by Holly and Evie


The ‘Art Lover’ mug by Angela Chick

Leather bag by Sarah Joy

Bear Ornament – set of 3 by Scawn Studios 

journalPoppytops Linocut Journal by InkyPrints-Originals 


Matryoshka Russian Babushka Dolls Christmas decorations by Leah Rose Designs 

So sweet! Seamus the handmade mohair Teddy by The Mymble’s Daughter 




and you didn’t know you needed them but you do… Ship’s crew Russian Dolls by Hole in my Pocket 


About Folksy

Folksy was created with the aim of showcasing the work of UK designers and makers. James Boardwell and Rob Lee came together to build Folksy in 2007 after being inspired by the energy in the craft communities in the UK as well as North America and Australia. At the same time the web was offering ways to crowd source solutions to problems and we were inspired by the work of Clay Shirky amongst others in pointing out that the web could lower the cost of doing things as a group. The site launched in summer 2008, employed its first member of staff in 2009 and has since risen to become the most popular UK site for handmade gifts and supplies.


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