Wood Wood

I have noticed a surge in wooden jewellery on Etsy recently. I’m sure it’s because laser cutters are more readily available but I think it’s also due to people wanting something a little more tactile and natural. Here are some of my favourites below.

house-ringI love these house rings by Clive RoddyEach set of miniature Houses are comprised of 3 x laser-cut high quality birch plywood rings. Each House is a slightly different size and position giving an illusion of depth whilst allowing your to arrange your rings as you like.


Create an amazing looking miniature finger landscape by combining the different sets for almost endless combinations.


This Bamboo silhouette ring by Whimsy Milieu is painted in colour on the front while the back of the ring is a silhouette of the ring, painted in black.


Geometric necklace by Sharp Cloud 


Laser cut wooden necklace by Kokolores


Round illustrated wooden necklace by Depeapa


This cute Wooden Frenchie Brooch by Ginger Pickle has been laser cut from birch plywood and been glued securely to a silver plated brooch bar. The dog measures approx. 3.6 x 4.1 cm

The yellow necklace on the home page is by  Kokolores


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