New life for old books

First of all sorry for the radio silence. My daughter has just started nursery school and I’ve been trapped there amongst the 3 year olds singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it…’ arrrgghhhhh. Now that she’s settled it’s great to be back in the land of the big people.

These fantastic works of art caught my eye. Artist Keri Muller transforms old books to give them “another chance to tell a story”.  I think they look a little like mushrooms.


Keri is a maker of stuff. She folds, glues and cuts paper and old books into artworks, traditional origami shapes and more abstract pieces. Collecting and hoarding abandoned objects and books and giving them another life through artworks forms the basis of much of her work. Popup books and cards, delicate paper mobiles and a humorous range of sketch prints are all part of her affordable retail range of products. A rather energetic imagination contributes to her stories about funny ornament animals she rescues and creating whimsical drawings and words for print form a large part of her work as well. 


View more of Muller’s work on her website and her blog


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