A walk through seven states, three seasons, and one pregnancy

I love this.  Jesse Beecher, a documentary filmmaker, filmed his wife from the beginning of her pregnancy – right up to the hours before the birth. The footage was then edited together. In the last segment you can see the IV in her arm as they had already checked into the birthing centre. I would normally embed the video but for some reason it’s not working. Please click on the link below.

Go to video 

Beecher tells the story of Burch’s pregnancy against a backdrop of the changing seasons. She starts out in boots and ends in flip-flops. The footage shows her walking past many locations in the seven states she visited (California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts) over a period of nine months. All the while, her belly is growing underneath what looks like the same red T-shirt. In fact, it’s three T-shirts. “That’s actually the way Lyra told me we were pregnant,” he said. “She came back from the Gap with three women’s shirts all the same color in very different sizes.”


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