Food Huggers

A brilliant idea! If you’re like me and constantly have fruit and vegetable halves in the fridge – that you end up throwing away, then these are for you. Industrial designers Adrienne McNicholas and Michelle Ivankovic have launched a range of silicone caps designed to preserve leftover fruit and vegetables


Named Food Huggers, the brightly coloured caps slip over half-eaten lemons, apples tomatoes, kiwi fruit etc to form a seal with the cut side, keeping the natural juice in so the food stays fresh for longer.


Watch the video


Food Huggers need your help! 
FoodHuggers are not yet in production. Please help them raise the funds they need to buy tooling and order their first production run. They need the support of many, many food lovers to make Food Huggers happen!

The products are available through Kickstarter until Friday 13 July.


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