Lighting by Studio Snowpuppe

I love these origami light shades. Made in the Netherlands by Studio Snowpuppe, a creative duo, comprising of architect Nellianna van den Baard and industrial designer Kenneth Veenenbos.


‘The story behind Studio Snowpuppe’s lampshades is about the fascination of paper and light. Energy-saving light bulbs have become very popular in Europe but the problem is that the light they give is just not very nice and quite cold so it’s not a light you want in your living environment. Once the light filters through paper it changes and becomes cosy and nice to live with especially in the light-deprived winter months in Middle and Northern Europe.’


“This was the starting point for Nellianna and Kenneth, the two designers behind Studio Snowpuppe who experimented with paper diamond shapes and developed the origami paper lampshades.”


Kroonuppe is an origami ceiling rose made of paper that can be easily mounted on your ceiling or wall. It can be ordered together with a paper lamp or as a stand-alone product.


They available from their Etsy shop 


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