Brown overload

For sometime now we’ve had brown cushions on a brown sofa. This was fine when we had pale blue carpet in our old flat but now we have beige. Now the living room looks – well brown. This would be fine if it was 1975 but it isn’t. We are planning to buy a new sofa sometime between now and 2016 so while I patiently wait for that day I’ve decided to buy some new cushion covers to bring us back to 2013. Here are some on my shortlist.

I’m a bit partial to a cross. This 100% hand loomed wool cushion is by Jonathan Adler.


This wool cushion is by Brin & Nohl. They do some lovely bags too. Their Etsy shop is currently closed but they should be back soon.


Whip this one up yourself.  Follow the online instructions to make this fabulous Mountain pillow from Design Sponge. 

This linen cushion is by Affaires Nomades from Paris.

This bright red hand painted cushion is from Bang Bang Sheet 

Love the colours on this cushion. This hand printed peacock cushion is from Robin and Mould in the UK

I could keep going but Jasper’s awake. Check out some more in my Pinterest folder.  When I make my decision (with my husband of course!)  and actually buy some new covers I’ll update this post with some photos.


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