Toowhit Toowhoo

I’m planning my 3 year old’s Owl themed party and in preparation I’ve been looking for some inspiration online. It’s scary to see the effort some people go for their kids parties – even for a one year old. I won’t attempt to compete but here are some ideas I’m considering and some that I just love but don’t have the time to pull off. Click on the images to be taken to the source website.

Love these owl crackers. At first I thought the eyes were egg but they are made of sweets. I think I might do a healthier option with egg, olives and carrot for the nose. The kids are going to love me.


These party bags look great with their button eyes.


I love that this one looks a little cross.


Tissue Pom owl – so sweet hung with bunting


Owl ornaments filled with pastel pink jelly beans


slight owl and pink overkill but my daughter would love this


Away from the owl theme – I love this simple table. I think I might have to make some owl masks out of paper plates. Can’t be that hard??


Love the owl cake toppers


And the obligatory owl cake. I think I could possibly attempt this one. (might cheat and buy the cake) I like that he’s a little dishevelled


and of course I designed an owl invitation. You can purchase it from my shop here. 


You can see more owl and non owl party ideas in my Pinterest Folder . Fingers crossed I at least attempt one of these.


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