The Dead Dolls Club

For my husband’s birthday this year we wanted to go somewhere a little different. The Dead Dolls Club in deepest  Dalston didn’t disappoint. Situated on a very uninspired stretch of Kingsland Road this pop-up restaurant is set up in a defunct restaurant space. The interiors are very DIY. Furniture is handmade, and the light bulbs held by wooden hands come from the owners’ design label, Tinker & Tailor. The kitchen is currently run by The Foragers from Hertfordshire. I’m not sure just how much of my Roast Venison was foraged (does Broccoli grow wild?) but it was  perfectly cooked with a deep rich gravy.  For pudding we had the Chocolate Posset with the suggested cocktail – which was divine. A wonderful atmosphere, fantastic service and a wonderfully eccentric interior. I hope this pop-up becomes a permanent feature in Dalston.

A wonderfully weird collection of curious on the bar.


Water is decanted from vintage crystal into jars


The tables are handmade with metals inserts and chunky studs on the corners.


The small space’s  walls are painted with marker pen depicting a kitchen and parlour.


Each table features an arrangement of game bird feathers


The Dead Dolls Club

428 Kingsland Road E8 4AA


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