The problem with having a Etsy Christmas shop is that I’m tempted by all the lovely handmade things. There are some very cute toys. I’ve included some of my favourites below. (not for me of course)

Owls Etsy

There seems to be a trend for very little toys. These owls from Zolayka can fit in the palm of your hand

Cat EtsyThis cat bucks the tiny trend. He’s 56cm tall. By WilleWorks

Cat EtsyBack to teeny – Black Crochet Kitty is 9cm tall. Adie Williams – Millie Fern Originalsrabbit etsyWooden Rabbit Puzzle by Puzzimals

Mouse etsy
Linen Toy Mouse By Posh Yarns 

There are more toys on my Treasury list on Etsy

All can be purchased online

2 Responses to “Toys!”
  1. Millie Fern says:

    Oh but my toys are bought for adults and kids alike- thanks so much for including my bitty kitty with the other lovely items! 🙂

  2. Thank you for featuring Popcorn The Cat. He has sold already but I have more cats and bunnies in my shop. Merry Christmas!

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