Craft Central – Playing House

I have made a decision – this year I will not be buying any Christmas presents from multinational companies. This includes tax dodging Amazon where sadly I tend to buy the majority of my presents each year. I will only be buying presents from local stores, small businesses and designers. So in the spirit of this I’ve been making the effort to see some local designers and their wares. On Wednesday night I went to the opening of Playing House at Craft Central. My friend Lotta Cole is exhibiting  (see my post about her homewares here) alongside some very talented designer/makers. One of my favourite designers was Jo Davies. She has created a fabulous range of ceramics. Below is just a small selection from her range.

Jo Davies

Shift Bowl -Made in porcelain, this bowl’s oval base shifts and changes its circular shape when it’s constructed direct from the wheel

Jo_davies_Vivien Vases

Vivien Vases for a single stem

Jo Davies
The Choker Bowl 

Jo Davies

Finch Bowels – Each bowl is made individually by hand. Made to be used as salt and pepper pinchers for the table.

Jo, Lotta and a bunch of other talented designers will exhibiting at Playing House until Saturday and then at Made in Clerkenwll from November 22 -25


Date: 13 November 2012 to 17 November 2012
Opening Times: 13th-16th Nov 2012 11am-6pm; 17th Nov 2012 11am-4pm; late opening 14th Nov 5pm-8pm
Location: The Showcase, Craft Central, 33-35 St John’s Square, London EC1M 4DS

‘an exhibition of things you need but mostly things you want.’

Lotta Cole
Alex Ramsey
Emily Jo Gibbs
Design K
Haidée Drew
Jo Davies

Playing:House is curated by Jo Davies and Haidée Drew

Photo supplied by Jo Davies


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