The White Building – Hackney Wick

We went for a walk along the canal last weekend to check out the new White Building, which was open for Open House and the Hackney Wicked Festival. We knew we were getting close when we stumbled upon a piece of performance art – a woman holding a bottle of  tomato ketchup with pegs attached to her clothes, dancing about on a tin drum?? (truly the stuff of nightmares!)

The White Building (formally a print works and a Peppermint Cream Factory) run by SPACE,  is a cultural centre with studio space for practicing artists, a residency space, an event space and the Crate Brewery & Pizzeria.  Designed by David Kohn Architects, the building sits on the canal just down from the Olympic park.  Crate is run by the same people that  run the equally cool Counter Cafe – just up the canal. We stayed for a beer and an ice-cream but I’ll definitely be having one of their  wood-fired pizzas next time – they have unusual toppings such as Middle Eastern lamb; sage, potato and truffle; and sweet potato, gorgonzola and walnut.

The White Building

The very cool Hackney Wick crowd. Moustaches preferred

The White Building

On Saturday we arrived to see Coracles racing across the canal


The tables and chairs are made out of – you guessed it – Crates. There are also barley sack sofas

The White Building

The bar is made out of old railway sleepers and the lights from what looks like mattress springs and fishing nets


Little people on the canal

In my usual style I managed to miss the Hackney Wick Festival AGAIN! ( It was on the weekend before) but I did manage to pick up this fabulous  free poster – and if anyone asks, I was there.

hackney wick

Crate is open daily from 12 – 11pm


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