100% Design

I can’t believe this is the first year I have been to 100% Design. I have registered for a ticket every year since I can remember but I always seem to get too busy at work or too busy with babies. As we are  planning on extending our kitchen next year it was more important than ever to go. I was not disappointed. It was hard to stay focused on kitchens as there was so much else to see but we left at the end of the day with loads of ideas and thoroughly exhausted. Here’s some of the best bits.

100% design

The dramatic neon entrance

100% Design

The Central Bar and Cafe where we didn’t get time for a drink

100% Design

The Kitchens and Bathrooms Hub

100% Design

Can’t tell you how much I loved this kitchen. My chrome and glass loving husband wasn’t so keen. Air by de Vol

Isomi Lights

Nonla lights by Isomi 

magic wall

Magnetic wall panels by Magic Wall. We’ll be using one of these or magnetic paint somewhere in our kitchen



Modular solid oak shelves with coloured boxes that can be moved about without using tools by Drugeot Labo

100% Design

Some lovely Japanese woollen textiles (sorry din’t get the name of the designer. If someone knows can you let me know please)

100% Design is on every September in Earls Court


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