Partial to a pinafore

My Mother had four girls and made all of our clothes. This was in the days before 24 hour CBBC so I really don’t know where she found the time? The last time she came to visit (from Australia) she made me buy a sewing machine from John Lewis. Since then it’s been collecting dust in the cellar. She’s coming back in a couple of months and I really want to make the effort to make some dresses for my daughter. I’ve had a look online for some inspiration and I’ve found some fabulous pinafores. I’m sure they are not as easy as they look and I’ll probably have a few meltdowns over the sewing machine but I’m willing to give it a go. Here are a few that I love. Watch this space as in a few months I just might have something to show you. (Or I’ll be purchasing one of these lovely dresses below)


Love Frankie 

Little Bird Apparel



2 thoughts on “Partial to a pinafore

  1. One of the school mums makes her daughter pinafores and she say’s it’s a doddle – do it, ladies! Some nice ones on Boden for inspiration too..I know, I know..

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