victoria park east london

Victoria Park – new and improved

We live right by Victoria Park and I’m happy to say that after  what felt like the longest time most of the improvement works are now complete. I go there practically everyday for coffee at the Pavilion Cafe and to tire my daughter out in the playground. Tower Hamlets Council has recently spent a lot of money with help from the Big Lottery Fund on improvements. They have reinstated the Chinese Pagoda, placed two fabulous sculptures in the lake, refurbished the playgrounds and built two new buildings, one next to the west side playground and one on the eastern side of the park. These buildings look fantastic but they have not been in use since completion a few months back. There is always much discussion amongst the Mums in the playground about these but no one seems to know what’s inside. We’re all hoping there might be some public toilets in there. The ‘temporary’ porta-cabin loos behind the Pavilion are getting a bit old. Overall I think the new and improved park looks fantastic and should impress the thousands of Olympic visitors that are about to inundate the park for BT London Live.

victoria park east london

The Pavilion Cafe – the Pavilion’s full english is one of the best in London. It will be open in the evenings for beer and burgers until September

victoria park, fountain, boats

Boats are now available for hire on the lake

victoria park, pavilion cafe

Etta getting perilously close to the edge

victoria park, east london

The reinstated Chinese Pagoda – the original was pulled down in the 50s

One of the new sculptures – made from what looks like straw and chicken wire

victoria park, playground

Etta one her slide – again!


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